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{March 24, 2011}   Royal wedding shoes

The forthcoming royal wedding has so far been kind of unusual in that it has set all sorts of trends – this is probably because in ye olden days of olde, there wasn’t the technology and fast communications for the kind of almost real time trending that we see these days.

The dress Middleton wore when the engagement was announced inspired many garments at all price points aiming to help the wearer get that effortlessly confident Kate look – and when the actual wedding takes place there’s likely to be a media genre all of its own dedicated to Kate fashions.  Expect few stories about William’s choice of suit though 🙂

Kate’s choice of clothing for the wedding will be a big media ticket no doubt – and there’s even been conjecture about what her choice of shoes will be.

Fast fashion and the real-time on trending phenomenon means that it’s likely there will be Kate inspired  shoes on sale this spring summer season.




Wayyyyyy back in November 2008 we published a post on Christmas party dresses, “Christmas Party Season Dresses – The Rules” – amazingly, this off-the-cuff semi-advice piece became our most viewed post of all time! Last year we conducted a Christmas Shopping Poll on shopping habits at this year, where most of you said that you’ll be leaving everything till the last minute!

This year, we thought we’d ask straight out – what are you wearing this year?

In a quick straw poll of our mates, one range that seem s to be getting loads of recommendations this Christmas is the Pearl Lowe for Peacocks range – with the Gold Tanya dress and Salmon pleated dress being particularly popular. We’ve talked extensively ourselves about Pearl Lowe several times in the past – its no surprise to see it doing so well.

Gold dress from Pearl Lowe

Salmon Pleated dress proving popular

Anyway, what are you wearing to this Christmas party season? Leave us a comment!

{November 26, 2010}   High heels, high sales: low prices

There was a story in The Guardian during the week about how sales of high heeled shoes have somewhat taken off over the past while, with the Daily mail picking up on a similar theme around the same time.

One of the best selling items mentioned in the article was Peacocks party shoe boot, with a spokesman for the retailer quoted as saying:

Customers are attracted to a shoe boot’s dual purpose. You can wear them for Christmas and beyond, as they look just as great with a party dress as they do with jeans and a jumper in January.”

The popularity of the look according to the reports could be due to the influence of high profile high heel wearers such as Lady Gaga and Cheryl Cole.

Whatever it is, it’s a look that we are glad to see on trend here at C/C/R – it’s time for a bit of party glamour and to forget about mundane stuff – and party like it’s 2010!

Looks like Xmas 2010 could be slightly taller than usual.

{September 15, 2010}   Fashion ideas and The Face

Where do people get their ideas for clothes from these days?

Once upon a time, it was magazines like The Face that contextualized the latest gear, and people got a picture of what the London cool set weret wearing. This was different from today’s hipster tribe, who are bound together not by location but by shared sonic-aesthetic values. With the London set of yesteryear there were a lot more codes going on, and it has to be said, a lot more clothes snobbery.

It was sad to see the demise of The Face, but by the time it croaked it wasn’t really itself anymore and hadn’t been for a while. Its slightly overbearing trendiness had begun to seem anachronistic, and its iconographising of music scenes had given way to a slightly mystifying obsession with Japanese pop culture.

Another thing that encroached on The Face’s manor was that the Sunday supplements started to up the fashion ante, sometimes with 100+pp editions that must have cost many thousands to produce. And while The Face wasn’t about high fashion to any great extent, meanwhile its street element was slowly being replaced by the internet. Who needed The Face to tell us about some underground darnce microculture that caused a revolution in a small Bristol council estate, when you could have the internet.

The Face was always a frontrunner, a pioneer, an edge-cutter. It was a work of powerful imagination, and its instigators (had this been France) would all be in receipt of the Légion d’honneur.

And in true ‘get there first’ style, The Face died in 2004 – just at the point when print mags were starting to look like yesterday’s thing.

So where do you get your style ideas from nowadays?

Well, one of the most anticipated High Street fashion releases for a long time is finally on the shelves. The Pearl Lowe Spring Summer 2010 range for Peacocks arrived last weekend and we are keen to hear your thoughts! What did you buy? Are you pleased with your purchase? or could you just not make up your mind!

The range has been recieved very positively by the fashion blogging community, including a nice post by blogger Susie Lau from Style Bubble – see her thoughts on the range here (complete with some cool photos from the launch event!)…….

Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Daisy Lowe models a dress from the new Peacocks range

There is a basic rule for mens summer fashion – keep it simple.

T-Shirts from – as always avoid big logos. Something like this Polo Top from American Apparel would do the job….

American Apparel Polo Top (£25)

You can see more solid styles of mens jeans and trousers online at Peacocks, these would be ideal……

Peacocks Trousers (£20)

Boat Shoes  – a pair of Sperry TopSiders would be nice but Asos currently have a nice range on offer that are about half the price.

Sperry Topsiders (£70-90)

Asos Deck Shoes - Cheaper alternative to Sperry (£35)

{April 20, 2010}   Peacocks New Website

Just thought id give a quick heads up that one of our favourite retailers Peacocks appear to have launched a new website, which from initial impressions seems like a big improvement from the old version – there’s a pretty cool option to ‘build your look’ so you can get an idea of what the outfit you’re thinking of buying will look like when its put together. In addition to this they have also added boys, girls and baby clothing ranges. Have a look for yourselves and let us know what you think!

Peacocks new homepage

et cetera