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{May 12, 2011}   Summer clothes

Summer is almost here, and with last month being reported as the warmest April on record, hopes are that we’re in for a good weather summer to make up for the arctic winter that we all had to endure at the beginning of the year.

Which brings me on to today’s topic: how much of a summer clothes shop do you do? Some people pretty much replace everything year on year, and then there’s the opposite end of the scale – people who sport what looks like vintage summer gear on the beach.

I think the best way to shop for summer is to know what needs replaced – any old stuff kicking around the wardrobe  that’s still in good nick but out of style can go to the charity shop or on ebay. Summer’s all about freshness – so make sure that you’re feeling fresh too by refreshing the wardrobe. This is especially important on holiday – you want to get that special holiday feeling, and you’re not going to achieve it with old swimwear. Cool new gear:


We were quite excited to hear that The Lorraine Kelly Show’s High Street Fashion awards were returning for another year – as you can imagine, almost any voting process with an affordable fashion category gets instant approval here at Cheap Clothes Rule.

Especially since Lorraine does seem the type to follow her own advice. She may have a few pricey suits to wear on the couch curtousy of her production teams clothing budget, but we’re sure in her down time she would never consider such frivoulous spending. In fact, I would guess a rumage around the offerings of affordable fashion nominee Peacocks would suit her just fine on a Saturday afternoon.

As well as Peacocks, the affordable fashion awards include all of the leading low cost fashion retailers that have stepped up their catwalk inspired fashion offerings in the last few years – so show your support and get voting!

{March 24, 2011}   Royal wedding shoes

The forthcoming royal wedding has so far been kind of unusual in that it has set all sorts of trends – this is probably because in ye olden days of olde, there wasn’t the technology and fast communications for the kind of almost real time trending that we see these days.

The dress Middleton wore when the engagement was announced inspired many garments at all price points aiming to help the wearer get that effortlessly confident Kate look – and when the actual wedding takes place there’s likely to be a media genre all of its own dedicated to Kate fashions.  Expect few stories about William’s choice of suit though 🙂

Kate’s choice of clothing for the wedding will be a big media ticket no doubt – and there’s even been conjecture about what her choice of shoes will be.

Fast fashion and the real-time on trending phenomenon means that it’s likely there will be Kate inspired  shoes on sale this spring summer season.




Hopefully 2011 will be a better year for weather than 2010 was. The summer was pretty good, but after that we descended into some eternal winter like something out of a Mervyn Peake volume. And if the snow continues we could end up with, ahem, a white St Patricks Day.

The clothes shops will hopefully be stocking woolly hats for a few weeks yet.

In other news, Kate Moss gets the 70s vibe – pictured according to the Telegraph as if she was “channelling Margot Leadbetter” for a 70s party.

What can we say apart from a) LOL and b) Kate looks as great as ever.

Full story here


Kate Middleton’s back in the news today, with the news that Peacocks clothes have seen a whopping 95% rise in the sale of fascinators since the princess-to-be was seen wearing a bespoke pheasant feather one a short while back – and the £5 high street version sales soared.

It looks as though Kate Middleton is going to be ever more present in the news as the big day approaches – so watch this space for more reports on affordable versions here.

In other cheap clothes news, apparently Amy Winehouse has donated twenty grand’s worth of clothes to charity. Now that’s a lot of clothes. In fact, that kind of money would pay for at least 200 times what I’m wearing just now – and I’m a well dressed blogger. Makes you wonder how much in the way of expensive clothes goes unworn by famous people.


When you buy a pair of shoes, how do you go about it?

Do you decide you need something then go round the shops intending to buy that day, or do you form a vague idea of what you’re after then spend a lot of time finding the ideal item?

The difference between the choice of men’s shoes and womens shoes is vast. Women seem to have on average 160 pairs of shoes each, while men will have about 3. It’s something of a mystery to me why this may be, but women must need to spend a lot of time and money keeping themselves in footwear.

I find one of the best ways to buy footwear these days is on the internet. This is mainly because all manufacturers’ ranges should be available to look at so you can get a very extensive look at what is currently available. The internet is also handy because it allows you to do an easy price comparison.

{October 21, 2010}   Pearl Lowe Christmas launch

With top UK value fashion chain Peacocks getting a lot of press coverage for its regularly updated range of stylish affordable clothing, it is now also becoming known for being trendsetter among the fashion cognoscenti. The widely admired Pearl Lowe at Peacocks range is in no small part an element of Peacocks’ knack for capturing the Zeitgeist, what with its brilliantly designed items at reasonable prices – and of course the added glamour of Pearl Lowe’s daughter being the face of the brand.

So it’s no surprise that Peacocks’ successful Christmas launch got some great coverage in Metro online, the website of the national newspaper. Held at the glitzy Connaught Hotel in Mayfair, London, the Peacocks Christmas launch was attended by model Daisy Lowe and her designer mum Pearl to show off the latest collection which is bound to be a smash hit in the fashion world. Available from November this year, pearl Lowe’s Christmas collection includes party dresses that will bring a touch of star quality to any party, along with other smart items such as faux fur coats and all at modest price levels.

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