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Kate Middleton’s back in the news today, with the news that Peacocks clothes have seen a whopping 95% rise in the sale of fascinators since the princess-to-be was seen wearing a bespoke pheasant feather one a short while back – and the £5 high street version sales soared.

It looks as though Kate Middleton is going to be ever more present in the news as the big day approaches – so watch this space for more reports on affordable versions here.

In other cheap clothes news, apparently Amy Winehouse has donated twenty grand’s worth of clothes to charity. Now that’s a lot of clothes. In fact, that kind of money would pay for at least 200 times what I’m wearing just now – and I’m a well dressed blogger. Makes you wonder how much in the way of expensive clothes goes unworn by famous people.


{November 17, 2009}   Jimmy Choo Draws Crowds at H&M

The much-hyped Jimmy Choo line for H&M arrived in stores over the weekend, and it certainly drew the crowds to the new H&M store in our home city of Glasgow. The range has also proved massivley popular worldwide (it will only be sold in 200 stores). Some people even resorted to camping outside the stores – now that is dedication to fashion.

Many of the lines have sold out already and are going on eBay for ridiculously inflated prices.

Did you manage to get your hands on anything? How long did you queue up for? and most importantly: Are the clothes any cop?

With June approaching fast, there are probably several hundred websites and blogs with this title vying for your intention on the internet. The reason being, that the writer has read that list articles are a popular, easily scannable type of post which due to the nature of peoples attention span on the web is more likely to get featured in Digg or Reddit and the like – which is fair enough.

However, here are at CCR we are only interersterd in the clothes and if anyone reads our posts its a great bonus (and a big thanks to all that do!).

We proclaim no qualifications or real expertise – just a deep enthusiasm for fashion and a nose for what we feel people are going to be into this summer. We have nothing too shocking or revolutionary to say here, trends are very difficult to predict and sometimes can emerge from nowhere. Many of the Summer 2009 fashion trends were predicted by the major magazines and blogs in February/March – they have their reasons but its only now as we come closer to the actual summer that trends begin to emerge. What they still don’t understand fully is that the main players in trend setting is YOU. The real power to influence lies with YOUYOU define summer fashion, YOUR choices influence someone, who tells their friends and the effect ripples around the streets.

Anyway, slight rant over – let’s have a look at some clothes! Five fashion trends of Summer 2009:

1 – Denim – Will jeans ever go out of fashion? A perrenial winner, summer 2009 is no different. As well as classic cropped, skinnys and boyfriend jeans, weve seen some pretty cool Denim Skirt and dresses combinations. Peacocks as always have a great range of Denim shorts and  skirts, illustrating that you rarely have to break to bank for this look.

peacocks denim skirts

Denim Skirts from Peacocks - cool but cheap, great!

2 – The single shouldered dress and top – wow, tops and dresses with this look can be so sleek and sexy if done right – we’re so glad to see this style blasting back onto the high street. We would have one formal (like the Jane Norman top below) and one informal one-shouldered top, just to cover every occassion!

One shoulder class from Jane Norman

One shoulder class from Jane Norman

3 – Trousers – there is alot of trouser action on the streets already this year. Jumpsuits, harem, high-waisted and hugely bright colours are what weve come across so far. Fashion chicks have some great examples.

Harem Trousers - big, baggy and back!

Harem Trousers - big, baggy and back!

4 – Transparency – light and airy transparent tops are definitely a big mover in summer 2009 – a great, versatile style that can look fantastic as a component of a layered ensemble – just be careful with transparent-only layers!

Great chiffon at Urban Outfitters

Great chiffon at Urban Outfitters

5 – High heels – the coolest shoes of the summer – literally. We would chuck our cheap clothes sensibiblities out of the window and invest in a pair of top class heels. Some great advice here on making heels comfortable.

High heels - the skys the limit

High heels - the skys the limit

What are you going to wear this summer? – let us know your thoughts on whats going to be big in Summer 2009!

{April 23, 2009}   Five Fashion Links of Q1 2009

Well, that’s almost one-quarter of 2009 down already – how quick was that? – i haven’t even managed to get round to spending my Christmas gift vouchers yet! Anyway, i don’t know about you, but i feel that its been quite a tame start to the year in fashion terms, with very little standout stories, events or styles.

That said, there have been a few standout moments so far in quarter one of 2009 – here are our five favourites…..

  1. Susan Boyle takes over the world! – being proud Scots ourselves the rapid ascent of Susan Boyle has been quite something to behold. A mere two weeks on we already have: A YouTube video with over 40m hits!,  Susan Boyle T-Shirts and Hats and mass debate all over the place as to whether she needs a makeover – our opinion: be who you always have been Susan – let your voice speak for you!
  2. 10 floral dresses for the summer – Lovely list from Popsugar with some classic summer dresses, not long to go now!
  3. Tribeca: Vanity Fair Best Dressed – post from thefashioncult which is pretty cool due to a) its analysis of Vanity Fair and b) some of the clothes look amazing
  4. Showcase of Beautiful Fashion Websites – Great post from the always excellent Smashing magazine, some of the sites listed are truly stunning – our favourites include the Benetton site, Issey Miyake, Louis Vuitton and Paul Smith.
  5. 50 most stylish men – GQ have compiled an excellent list here, which ranges from Marlon Brando to Andre 3000. Inspiration for the men out there and eye-candy for the ladies!

There we go – that’s our top five ‘things’ of this year so far – what has caught your eye?

Michelle Obama is probably the most photographed woman on the planet. For a woman that only a few of us would admit to having heard of this time last year, her ascent to style icon has been impressive. The 45 year-old first lady has cut a dignified and confident figure throughout the presidential campaign and short term in the presidency.

Obviously, being in a privileged position, Michelle Obama has access to the top designer fashion labels –  she isn’t exactly operating in the same levels of clothes shopping than most of us here in the real world. Her fashion portfolio so far, at most major events has included Jason Wu, Thakoon, Isabel Toledo and Jimmy Choo. However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t take some general inspiration from the First Ladies style. As she told Vouge:

“If I can have any impact, I want women to feel good about themselves and have fun with fashion.”

Read on for some Michelle Obama style rules:

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There is never a shortage of bizarre and beautiful happenings in the world of fashion.

We thought that it would be fun to compile some of our favourite stories of the last few months.

Chinese fashion designer Jiang Zhou uses UFO sightings as fashion inspiration – There are some extremely quirky fashions displayed at almost every catwalk show, but this has to be one of the most bizarre. These clothes wouldn’t look out of place in Mos Eisley Cantina.

Paris Fashion Week 2009 Epilogue – after slating catwalks in the previous paragraoh, we have to rain our tails in a little. Some of the designs from Paris 2009 looked stunning.

Victoria Beckham vows never to sing again YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSS – NO! Please dont do it Becks, we love you! – Great little story from Blackbook, if only for their astute analysis of Mrs Beckham, ‘the most self actualized member of the celebrity class’.

Bruno the Movie is on the way! – Yes Sasha Baron Cohen (Ali G, Borat creator) is about to unleash his gay Austrian Fashion Reporter on the movie world soon – there are already Bruno sites popping up all over the web apparently. Should be hilarious, we’ll have more on Bruno soon.

Japanese Robot Fashion Model – are words really necessary here?

Fashion Tips on Denim – Great post from ChicStories on Denims styles, black skinny jeans still seem to be leading the way for us.

Ok, thats just a few of our best stories from recent times – what fashion stories have you came across recently?, let us know……….

We are sure that Holly Willoughby is a really nice person. Its hard not to appreciate her gentle and unthreatening presenting style on mainstream UK TV shows Dancing on Ice and The Xtra Factor. A measure of her success is that her most controversial moment came when she once wore a slightly revealing dress. Good luck to her – here’s Holly in action:

But surely her recently launched line of Maternity Clothing is one of the most unnecessary celebrity fashion lines in history.

Sorry Holly, maybe i am doubting your capacity to organise your life, but i just can’t see how you managed to fit the time to design and develop a range of maternity clothing into your busy schedule.

We realise that we have banged on about this topic before, but this has once again tipped us close to the edge. Why is it these days that, not content with appearing on our TV screens, newspaper column inches and magazine racks at every avaliable opportunity, celebs (or their management teams and desperate retailers more likely) feel the need to impose their fashion sensibilities upon us?.

The message to all these parties should be clear – please stop doing this! – We are perfectly capable of locating and deciding for ourselves what we want to wear. We are not brain dead drones who will instantly want to purchase a line of clothing just because a celebrity has stuck their signature on the label. Please stop paying these unqualified celebrities fortunes (probably) and use the budget to develop innovative and interesting clothing ranges.

Here’s some non-celebrity maternity fashion that rocks – in our opinion obviously!

Peacocks maternity clothes are pretty great – fun designs, stylish, practical and no celebs in site – exactly what we want from maternity clothing, their maternity jeans in particular are great!.

Floral Finish Maternity Top - Elegant

Floral Finish Maternity Top - Elegant

A bit more high-end than we would usually recommend, but some of 9 London’s maternity wear is stunningly designed.

Pretty Pregnant have an appealing mid-range priced line of maternity clothes.

Formes have been a major player for a number of years – like most things French, they have style in abundance.

Anyway, that’s just a few suggestions of ours – we hope you agree with some of them. Don’t listen to the celebritites!

et cetera