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{June 24, 2010}   The jeans scene

Something that’s impossible to escape our eye here at the blog is the emerging non-trend in jeans. I mean, when we were kids the rules of acceptability were strict: only one cut or colour was deemed acceptable by the Fashion-Polizei at any one time.

How far we’ve come since then! Just a quick perusal of this celeb jeans blog and you can see instantly that there be many styles all on the go at once these days. This is a good thing, since it makes jeans more versatile and wearable in different social contexts. All denim life is out there, and for the time being it seems that it’s all fashion-friendly. Most of it is anyway. Sno-wash anyone? thought not! Check out the Jeans Blog for more on the ubiquitous fabric that we call denim, and its myriad uses!

So, what is your fave of the current styles? We’re loving the skinny jean style, it’s been too cool for school since day 1, and long may it continue – these are jeans with attitude, and they’re going to be around for a good while yet.  Check out what’s available from the high street or a jeans online shop and see what style you like best, and let us know!

{February 23, 2010}   Maternity Clothes in 2010

There is little doubt that maternity clothes have evolved greatly in the last ten years, there are a variety of factors which have contributed to this development – some of which will be highlighted in this post. We have looked into some of the best maternity clothing in previous posts so there’s no need to go over old ground. Here we thought that it would be interesting to look over some of the factors invloved in the evolution of maternity fashion. Read the rest of this entry »

This blog has been in existence since July 2008 and in that time we have written 72 posts. That is quite alot for anyone to get through and extract the information they need – therefore, we thought that it would be handy to compile some of our older entries in one handy post.

Those of you lacking in sales inspiration might want to take a look back at some of our ‘what clothes we like’ type posts, where we gave our fashion advice, opinions and tips – we think that some of them still provide some good insight.

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We hope that there was something valuable in here that you may have missed. Thanks for reading and we look forward to the next 73 posts!

A maternity-based poll today. It seem s to be all the rage with the rich and famous to be with child these days……….but which of this lot are carrying out their pregnancy in style?

From R-L: Penelope Cruz, Nicole Richie, Gisele Bundchen, Jennifer Hudson, Ellen Pompeo, Sarah Michelle Gellar - 2009 Preggers list

From R-L: Penelope Cruz, Nicole Richie, Gisele Bundchen, Jennifer Hudson, Ellen Pompeo, Sarah Michelle Gellar - 2009 Preggers list

Some sublime/ridiculous outfits in there, whos got their maternity fashion dialled?

We are sure that Holly Willoughby is a really nice person. Its hard not to appreciate her gentle and unthreatening presenting style on mainstream UK TV shows Dancing on Ice and The Xtra Factor. A measure of her success is that her most controversial moment came when she once wore a slightly revealing dress. Good luck to her – here’s Holly in action:

But surely her recently launched line of Maternity Clothing is one of the most unnecessary celebrity fashion lines in history.

Sorry Holly, maybe i am doubting your capacity to organise your life, but i just can’t see how you managed to fit the time to design and develop a range of maternity clothing into your busy schedule.

We realise that we have banged on about this topic before, but this has once again tipped us close to the edge. Why is it these days that, not content with appearing on our TV screens, newspaper column inches and magazine racks at every avaliable opportunity, celebs (or their management teams and desperate retailers more likely) feel the need to impose their fashion sensibilities upon us?.

The message to all these parties should be clear – please stop doing this! – We are perfectly capable of locating and deciding for ourselves what we want to wear. We are not brain dead drones who will instantly want to purchase a line of clothing just because a celebrity has stuck their signature on the label. Please stop paying these unqualified celebrities fortunes (probably) and use the budget to develop innovative and interesting clothing ranges.

Here’s some non-celebrity maternity fashion that rocks – in our opinion obviously!

Peacocks maternity clothes are pretty great – fun designs, stylish, practical and no celebs in site – exactly what we want from maternity clothing, their maternity jeans in particular are great!.

Floral Finish Maternity Top - Elegant

Floral Finish Maternity Top - Elegant

A bit more high-end than we would usually recommend, but some of 9 London’s maternity wear is stunningly designed.

Pretty Pregnant have an appealing mid-range priced line of maternity clothes.

Formes have been a major player for a number of years – like most things French, they have style in abundance.

Anyway, that’s just a few suggestions of ours – we hope you agree with some of them. Don’t listen to the celebritites!

{August 28, 2008}   Maternity Fashion

Stylish Maternity Wear

Maternity clothing has became an issue for us recently, as we are now of the age that alot of our friends and colleagues are ‘falling’ pregnant. As if the major, life-changing responsibility of bringing a child into the world wasn’t enough stress, another major worry is ‘oh no!, how am i going to look good pregnant.’

Perhaps our generation are suffering flasbacks from remebering our mothers, whom, pregnant with our younger siblings would wander around for about 4 months looking like an escaped out-patient, wearing tent-like blue ponchos – not very flattering.

Well, the good news is that there is now a decent selection of stylish and affordable maternity wear out there. These are some of the better maternity wear selections available at the moment. Read the rest of this entry »

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