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{March 24, 2011}   Royal wedding shoes

The forthcoming royal wedding has so far been kind of unusual in that it has set all sorts of trends – this is probably because in ye olden days of olde, there wasn’t the technology and fast communications for the kind of almost real time trending that we see these days.

The dress Middleton wore when the engagement was announced inspired many garments at all price points aiming to help the wearer get that effortlessly confident Kate look – and when the actual wedding takes place there’s likely to be a media genre all of its own dedicated to Kate fashions.  Expect few stories about William’s choice of suit though 🙂

Kate’s choice of clothing for the wedding will be a big media ticket no doubt – and there’s even been conjecture about what her choice of shoes will be.

Fast fashion and the real-time on trending phenomenon means that it’s likely there will be Kate inspired  shoes on sale this spring summer season.




When you buy a pair of shoes, how do you go about it?

Do you decide you need something then go round the shops intending to buy that day, or do you form a vague idea of what you’re after then spend a lot of time finding the ideal item?

The difference between the choice of men’s shoes and womens shoes is vast. Women seem to have on average 160 pairs of shoes each, while men will have about 3. It’s something of a mystery to me why this may be, but women must need to spend a lot of time and money keeping themselves in footwear.

I find one of the best ways to buy footwear these days is on the internet. This is mainly because all manufacturers’ ranges should be available to look at so you can get a very extensive look at what is currently available. The internet is also handy because it allows you to do an easy price comparison.

This blog has been in existence since July 2008 and in that time we have written 72 posts. That is quite alot for anyone to get through and extract the information they need – therefore, we thought that it would be handy to compile some of our older entries in one handy post.

Those of you lacking in sales inspiration might want to take a look back at some of our ‘what clothes we like’ type posts, where we gave our fashion advice, opinions and tips – we think that some of them still provide some good insight.

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We hope that there was something valuable in here that you may have missed. Thanks for reading and we look forward to the next 73 posts!

{July 24, 2008}   Shoes To Love

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve looked at Summer 2008 Fashion, Jeans and T-Shirts and today as a special treat to all our readers – we are going to look at footwear. Shoes are a conundrum, you need a pair for so many differing occassions and weather types, it is very tempting to spalsh out on whatever you come across – leaving you with an Imelda Marcos style wardrobe full of unused footwear. So in a not very original at all manner, let’s have a look at some essential styles of the moment!. Read the rest of this entry »

This is not a scientific list by any means and is based purely on our powers of observation. Here are a few trends that we have noticed this summer ;

  • Cheap Plastic Sunglasses – available from newsagents up and down the land-spend more than ÂŁ3 however and you’re instantly uncool.

  • Sandals – although our summer has been pretty dreadful so far-its still great to get the old socks off and free the feet a little.

  • Pastel Colours – pastel literally faded away for a few years but its back with a bang this summer and about time.


  • Floral Print Dresses – a classic summer feminine look.

  • Bright and Bold Coloured Tops – PINK! PURPLE! ORANGE! – These tops shout loud and proud.

Of course, there are tonnes more niches and sub-genres but walk down any street in the UK and you are bound to catch someone in at least one of these items. What have you seen out there this summer?

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