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Its Valentines Day on Sunday and we hope that many of the men out there have their gift options covered – however, if youre looking for some last minute inspiration for a gif t, then you cant really go wrong with a nice bag.
There are a vast range of women’s bags out there. One of the most difficult aspects of Christmas shopping is actually making that final purchasing decision, we’ve all been there with the doubt swirling around our minds: ‘i like it, but will she like that colour!?.
We thought that we would try and help a little by outlining five bags which we think anyone would love. We’ve included options from the cheap and cheerful end of the scale to some slightly higher budget bags. We hope that you agree with some of our choices.
Peacocks – The prices are so decent on the Peacocks website that you could probably buy 2 or 3 bags from Peacocks. However, we especially like their chic and cheerful range of Clutch Bags, which at £6 are great value.

M&SMarks and Spencer always have a solid range of bags and this year is no exception, they are well made and excellent value for money – we like this cross shoulder bag which comes in a t £39.95.

AllSaints – Fashionistas love AllSaints for their edgy designs and high quality fabrics, their bags this year exemplify this output. This Zeena Bag is one of the cheaper options (£120) that they offer but it is still very cool.

Jigsaw – A High Street favourite in the UK for a number of years now, Jigsaw retain an aura of quality and elegance, combined with a great design sense – this Tote Bag is a great example (£159)

Hermes – No we are getting serious. You know that you are dealing with a quailty bit of gear when the cheapest bag on offer is a purse that costs over £500! A bag from Hermes however should be seen as an investment – our cost-is-no-barrier option would be this Garden Party Bag, which only costs £1560.

Well, thats our choices – hopefully something nice for your Valentine there!

This blog has been in existence since July 2008 and in that time we have written 72 posts. That is quite alot for anyone to get through and extract the information they need – therefore, we thought that it would be handy to compile some of our older entries in one handy post.

Those of you lacking in sales inspiration might want to take a look back at some of our ‘what clothes we like’ type posts, where we gave our fashion advice, opinions and tips – we think that some of them still provide some good insight.

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We hope that there was something valuable in here that you may have missed. Thanks for reading and we look forward to the next 73 posts!

Those of us who like to follow the continual comings and goings within the fashion industry can now keep in touch with a pretty cool range of apps that enable you to follow the latest trends on the catwalk and beyond.

Here are our pick of some of the best available fashion apps for iPhone, Blackberry and Android phones:

iPhone Fashion Apps

  • – An app to keep you up to date with the latest gossip and fashion events from the Style File
  • Stylebook – A nice app that helps you build a look from your wardrobe…….

Other iPhone Fashion Applications worth trying are:

  • D&G Fashion Channel Winter 2010
  • The Ralph Lauren Collection
  • Donna Karan
  • Lucky magazine
  • Lookz Lite
  • Stylish Girl

See the full range at iPhone Apps

Blackberry Fashion Apps

  • Fashion News Service by 360Fashion
  • Fashion Mogul – This fun App lets you design and develop your own Fashion Boutique
  • Elle Magazine – Various Blackberry Apps are available from Elle
  • Shoewawa – One of the top fashion blogs for years has its own application where you can customise the blog to your hearts content
  • London Fashion Week

See more Blackberry Fashion Applications.

Google Android Fashion Apps

Those with an Google Android phone may want to keep an eye on the fast-growing Android App Marketplace where there are likely to be a good range of fashion applications appearing in time. For now, have a look at

  • ShopSavvy – scan barcodes of any product
  • OI Shopping list

These are some of our top apps, if you know of any other useful fashion applications – please let us know!

Christmas is only five weeks away, and if you’re anything like us you can certainly feel a great deal of panic beginning to bubble under the surface – what the heck am i going to buy everyone!?

Well, a good gift option for a freind or to complement a bigger pressie would be to pick up a Clutch Bag. They are a stylish, chic and versatile little piece that most people will love.

We’ve been scouting around the web for some of the best Clutch Bags on offer – and here we present our findings!

Five  Cool Clutch Bags

Purple Metallic Clutch Bag at Peacocks – We love the understated style of this little bag, we also love the price, 8 Quid!

peacocks clutc hbag

Clutch Bag from Peacocks

Leopard Ruche Long Clutch Bag from TopShop – You can never go wrong with a hint of Animal Skin finish on a bag and this TopShop offering would be a great option – yours for £28

topshop bag

Leopard Skin

Rocha Purple Plated Clutch – Elegant and Chic, nice bag – £40

rocha clutch bag

Rocha Clutch from Debenhams

AllSaints have some lovely Clutch Bags – the Yazmeen is one of our favourites.

allsaints clutch bag

AllSaints Yazmeen Clutch Bag

Rich persons option – Burberry – If you really want to treat someone then have a look at some of the Burberry range. A note of caution though, the cheapest bag here is £165!


There we go then, that’s our faves. Have you seen any cool Clutch Bags? Let us know where!

The summer is in full rain-shower based swing here in the UK and fashionistas everywhere are tuning their seasonal outfits to perfection. Of course, most outfits feel incomplete without a range of top accessories to top them off. Here at Cheap Clothes Rule, we have a few guidelines when it comes to accessories, we thought that we would share them here. Feel free to laugh at them or mock us via comments.

Our rules on womens accessories


Bags are basically one of the best things that you can buy. Period. They are basically capsules that contain your life. With that in mind, we would always choose any bags that we would buy with great care. Essentially, we have a bag for every eventuality:

  • a clutch bag for the nights out when you need to travel light
  • a holdall for carrying everything you need to survive a whole day
  • a handbag for those occasions where elegance is called for

Also, what many people don’t take into consideration is their body type – this matters for bags as well!

Cool Clutch Bag from Peacocks

Cool Clutch Bag from Peacocks


Belts are great as they are versatile and can be used in a manner which will transform an entire outfit. To be perfectly honest we never have more than about five or six belts at a time, we tend to throw them out when they become too stretched or worn, they do actually lose their shape! Our current collection includes an elastic, hipster, skinny, black leather and glitter belt. Each of these can be used to form a number of looks.

Buckle belt from Warehouse

Buckle belt from Warehouse


Dear oh dear people, please be careful with hats! Some of the biggest fashion don’ts that we have ever seen have mostly involved some poorly judged headwear. Conversely, if done right a hat can be a cool and sexy complement to an outfit. You can get away with more in the summer though, think simple and elegant.

Simple and cool straw hat from Brixton

Simple and cool straw hat from Brixton


Again, we urge caution with tights – has anyone noticed the sheer volume of bight red tights on the streets these days! We would keep it simple, muted colours and patterns are our preferences.

Cette Tights - Nice

Cette Tights - Nice


In contrast to nearly every other item on the list, we love bright and bold Jewellery! It can really add a great finish to any outfit.

Bright and brassy sherbert necklace

Bright and brassy sherbert necklace

Thats our feelings on accessories. They are great fun and you can get some great stuff for not alot of moolah.

You can get some more great advice on accessories from these guys, also here and this bunch too.

If anyone out there has some recomendations that we should see then leave us a comment – we want your feedback!

In the meantime, what’s your top accessory!………

et cetera