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{September 15, 2010}   Fashion ideas and The Face

Where do people get their ideas for clothes from these days?

Once upon a time, it was magazines like The Face that contextualized the latest gear, and people got a picture of what the London cool set weret wearing. This was different from today’s hipster tribe, who are bound together not by location but by shared sonic-aesthetic values. With the London set of yesteryear there were a lot more codes going on, and it has to be said, a lot more clothes snobbery.

It was sad to see the demise of The Face, but by the time it croaked it wasn’t really itself anymore and hadn’t been for a while. Its slightly overbearing trendiness had begun to seem anachronistic, and its iconographising of music scenes had given way to a slightly mystifying obsession with Japanese pop culture.

Another thing that encroached on The Face’s manor was that the Sunday supplements started to up the fashion ante, sometimes with 100+pp editions that must have cost many thousands to produce. And while The Face wasn’t about high fashion to any great extent, meanwhile its street element was slowly being replaced by the internet. Who needed The Face to tell us about some underground darnce microculture that caused a revolution in a small Bristol council estate, when you could have the internet.

The Face was always a frontrunner, a pioneer, an edge-cutter. It was a work of powerful imagination, and its instigators (had this been France) would all be in receipt of the Légion d’honneur.

And in true ‘get there first’ style, The Face died in 2004 – just at the point when print mags were starting to look like yesterday’s thing.

So where do you get your style ideas from nowadays?

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