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The Royal Wedding day has finally arrived and we can hardly contain our excitement – let us see the dresses!

The biggest dresses rumour spreading around the fashion world is that Kate Middleton’s gown will indeed be McQueen as Sarah Burton, creative director of the brand checked in at her hotel late last night. Apparently an insider has leaked that it was designed by Mcqueen himself, I think you will agree that of all the dresses she could choose this option is probably the most exciting – fingers crossed it’s all true.

And while Kate might be flying the flag for dresses designed by British designers, Princess Beatrice is said to be attending the nuptials in Valentino, which we can forgive as we are sure she will look elegant and chic as Valentino dresses never fail to impress.

Worried about a serious case of outfit envy when you see the best dresses of the Royal Wedding – don’t worry, high street designers are working round the clock to record the most striking dresses in order to get a low cost interpretation into our wardrobes as soon as possible. And Cheap Clothes Rule will be providing you with all the latest information on these inspired pieces!

We also hear that Kate Middleton has chosen to do our own make-up for the wedding, a girl after Cheap Clothes Rule’s heart! We’re pretty sure we’ll be copying her glowing wedding make up as soon as we set eyes on it, a great way to get a regal look on the cheap while we wait for high street dresses to arrive.

Live fashion update acheived! Now the only thing to do is watch, we can’t wait to report on the dresses…….

royal wedding dresses

Welcome back to Cheap Clothes Rule.

Today we’re announcing the Girl In Green Awards – this is our version of the Oscars except there’s no awards ceremony, guests or prizes (sorry about that!). Bear in mind that all nominations must be submitted with cheap or affordable fashion in mind. It doesn’t mean that the nomination necessarily has to be from the budget clothes area, just that e.g. best dressed male is someone folks like us can relate to and assemble the general look of if we like.

So without further ado, here’s the nomination categories:

Best dressed female

Best Dressed male

Best affordable clothes brand or outlet

Best clothes item

Best dressed UK city

Bargain of the year so far

Girl In Green Awards 2011 – go vote!

There’s a pretty amusing interview with top designer Hedi Slimane in the Daily Mail yesterday (which im not linking to – i just happened to see it!) – where has lays the boot into actors and actresses wearing suits and dresses on the red carpet – pretty amusing. There’s a much better interview with him here, where he talks about the fashion industry, worth a read……….

{November 23, 2010}   punk fashion

… well, it was a cheap clothes moment, and its influence remains:

{July 27, 2010}   Computer World

Computers have done a lot for fashion. Kids who live in rural areas no longer have to wear dungarees and straw hats because they now have the info and the retail opportunities online.  Hey, hey – I was kidding about the dungarees and straw hats. I’m from a rural area myself, and stylish with it.

But like I say, the computer is a game-changer. So today I thought I’d StyleProfile™ some computer geezers. Look away now, fashionistas:

Woz – Apple creator. Hard Rock cafe t-shirts are only acceptable clothing for gangs of European teenagers in green anoraks and faded jeans as they climb the lions in Trafalgar Square. The watch is ok, if a bit Steve Austin (the Six Million Dollar Man). All in all, Wox is a fashion fail. Sorry Woz!  [3/10]

The Vladimir lenin beard *could* be stylish if it was worn with a bit of confident retro irony and a more utilitarian suit. The glasses have a bit of physics lab cool to them but the garb is just too BHS circa 1980. [An almost respectable 4.5/10]

Bill Gates – not exactly Bryan Ferry style, is it? [sorry Bill. 2/10]

Black cotton turtleneck? Check. Stonewash Levis? Check. White running shoes? Check. Fail? check. [1/10]

If anyone knows any megastars of the computer world who wear cool clothes let us know.

{July 13, 2010}   On-trend: Rocking The Maxi

With style luminaries such as Alexa Chung, Sara Jessica Parker and Mademoiselle Robot rocking the maxi, we thought we’d use this post to sing the praises of this stylish garment.

There’s something romantic about the maxi that brings to mind stylish films from decades gone, walks in the park at dusk, shared breakfasts on Italian balconies, lovers slipping unseen down cobbled streets as cathedral bells echo down alleyways, moonrise over the Casbah, red wine and sea air, stars twinkling a morse code of mystery above.

Maxi dresses are totally now:

{July 6, 2010}   Lily’s retail

Lily Allen is set to sell her own second hand clothes, according to this fascinating report from digital Spy.

Lily plans to do this in order to counteract the ‘throwaway’ shopping culture. I don’t know about you, but I’m guessing Lily’s cast-off threads won’t be throwaway items anyway but proper designer vintage stuff.

Lily Allen: clthing magnate?

We’ve a feeling here at Cheap clothes Rule that Lily could be onto a winner with this and that it could be the start of a trend. Who’s next?

We’d like to see shops by style icons like  Paul Weller. Put me down for a crew-neck cashmere Fred Perry jersey in grey please.

et cetera