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We were quite excited to hear that The Lorraine Kelly Show’s High Street Fashion awards were returning for another year – as you can imagine, almost any voting process with an affordable fashion category gets instant approval here at Cheap Clothes Rule.

Especially since Lorraine does seem the type to follow her own advice. She may have a few pricey suits to wear on the couch curtousy of her production teams clothing budget, but we’re sure in her down time she would never consider such frivoulous spending. In fact, I would guess a rumage around the offerings of affordable fashion nominee Peacocks would suit her just fine on a Saturday afternoon.

As well as Peacocks, the affordable fashion awards include all of the leading low cost fashion retailers that have stepped up their catwalk inspired fashion offerings in the last few years – so show your support and get voting!

{January 14, 2011}   Working Chic – New Collection

Cool high street fashion news this week, with high street budget fashion retailer Peacocks launching an original office clothing collection called Working Chic.

Working Chic is a very clever name for this new range, as it says what the collection is all about – namely: style for work. And the price is as smart as the name. Less than £100 for the entire collection.

Yes, his new Working Chic collection, incredibly, offers a whole working week’s worth of office wear – and here’s the coolest bit – at a cost of less than £20 per day. (By my reckoning, for a 38 hour week, that’s… not a lot!)

The Working Chic range includes a black pencil skirt with fitted cardigan, black dress with white trim, and with a truly contemporary touch, skinny jeans for dress down Friday. And more!

More information on this collection over at the always well informed fashion website StyleClone, who describe this as a range where “Each piece oozes sophistication”. Looking very good indeed for the price then.

{January 7, 2011}   Fashion sales!


Well after the cold weather and all the snow, it looks like the consumer is the winner because the sales are on and it loks like there’s savings to be made everywhere.

Just as well really, because what with the rise in VAT, people need a bargain more than ever.

But it’s better than the old days when there was only one department store in each big town and people used to fight over the reduced goods.



{November 26, 2010}   High heels, high sales: low prices

There was a story in The Guardian during the week about how sales of high heeled shoes have somewhat taken off over the past while, with the Daily mail picking up on a similar theme around the same time.

One of the best selling items mentioned in the article was Peacocks party shoe boot, with a spokesman for the retailer quoted as saying:

Customers are attracted to a shoe boot’s dual purpose. You can wear them for Christmas and beyond, as they look just as great with a party dress as they do with jeans and a jumper in January.”

The popularity of the look according to the reports could be due to the influence of high profile high heel wearers such as Lady Gaga and Cheryl Cole.

Whatever it is, it’s a look that we are glad to see on trend here at C/C/R – it’s time for a bit of party glamour and to forget about mundane stuff – and party like it’s 2010!

Looks like Xmas 2010 could be slightly taller than usual.

{November 23, 2010}   punk fashion

… well, it was a cheap clothes moment, and its influence remains:

{November 22, 2010}   Value clothing – an update


When we set up Cheap Clothes Rule, we didn’t know that one day they actually would rule. But since we don’t exactly live in times of financial decadence, people have been won over to the simple fact that style doesn’t have to cost hundreds of pounds.

A survey we read a while back said that 70% of British people love a bargain. Hmm, where are the other 30% then? I’ll bet most of them are now in the bargain loving category since those stats were released.

One of the biggest things in the world of cheap clothes has been the way that style is now part of the equation – you can cut down on the expense without cutting down on style. You can see this is the case when a lot of famous people no longer favour expensive labels so much as simple good design and on trend styling.

It will be interesting to see what sells this Christmas in terms of the different things that are on offer style wise, bit one thing’s for sure – cheap clothes are going to rule this Yule.


{November 19, 2010}   Lowe Latest – Pearl’s Peacocks

A while back I mentioned the new Pearl Lowe range for Peacocks.

Well, finally it has arrived. This week it was released online and in the chain’s branches across the UK.

I was expecting there to be a little bit of noise about this in the press, but so far it looks like the range is making big noise – the fashion editors know a good thing when they see it, it seems. My theory as to why this range has done so well is that there are three factors

Pearl Lowe’s visionary design

Peacocks’ intelligent pricing of the range

And of course the Daisy Lowe factor. In getting her daughter to model the range, Pearl didn’t need to look far for getting the perfect girl for the job.

An example of the kind of media hits Peacocks is getting right now – in More magazine,  their cool denim shirt features as a High Street look alike of one of Cheryl Cole’s shirts in its denim feature – it’s on-trend stuff that’s very well done. The Pearl Lowe collection adds another dimension to this style phenomenon.

et cetera