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{May 12, 2011}   Summer clothes

Summer is almost here, and with last month being reported as the warmest April on record, hopes are that we’re in for a good weather summer to make up for the arctic winter that we all had to endure at the beginning of the year.

Which brings me on to today’s topic: how much of a summer clothes shop do you do? Some people pretty much replace everything year on year, and then there’s the opposite end of the scale – people who sport what looks like vintage summer gear on the beach.

I think the best way to shop for summer is to know what needs replaced – any old stuff kicking around the wardrobe  that’s still in good nick but out of style can go to the charity shop or on ebay. Summer’s all about freshness – so make sure that you’re feeling fresh too by refreshing the wardrobe. This is especially important on holiday – you want to get that special holiday feeling, and you’re not going to achieve it with old swimwear. Cool new gear:


{November 26, 2010}   High heels, high sales: low prices

There was a story in The Guardian during the week about how sales of high heeled shoes have somewhat taken off over the past while, with the Daily mail picking up on a similar theme around the same time.

One of the best selling items mentioned in the article was Peacocks party shoe boot, with a spokesman for the retailer quoted as saying:

Customers are attracted to a shoe boot’s dual purpose. You can wear them for Christmas and beyond, as they look just as great with a party dress as they do with jeans and a jumper in January.”

The popularity of the look according to the reports could be due to the influence of high profile high heel wearers such as Lady Gaga and Cheryl Cole.

Whatever it is, it’s a look that we are glad to see on trend here at C/C/R – it’s time for a bit of party glamour and to forget about mundane stuff – and party like it’s 2010!

Looks like Xmas 2010 could be slightly taller than usual.

{November 23, 2010}   punk fashion

… well, it was a cheap clothes moment, and its influence remains:

{October 25, 2010}   Who says cheap clothes rule…?

Well, none other than Cheryl Cole – according to this site – has been spotted wearing inexpensive clothing.

But, hey – don’t we all wear cheap clothes sometimes? It’s often very difficult, if not impossible, to see why one t-shirt costs £120 and another costs £7 – same weight, same type of fabric.

This blog has been in existence since July 2008 and in that time we have written 72 posts. That is quite alot for anyone to get through and extract the information they need – therefore, we thought that it would be handy to compile some of our older entries in one handy post.

Those of you lacking in sales inspiration might want to take a look back at some of our ‘what clothes we like’ type posts, where we gave our fashion advice, opinions and tips – we think that some of them still provide some good insight.

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We hope that there was something valuable in here that you may have missed. Thanks for reading and we look forward to the next 73 posts!

{November 6, 2008}   5 Reasons To Love Leggings

If there is one underrated and unfairly maligned item of winter clothing it is the humble pair of leggings. It pays to be careful though (thanks Tokyito). Here’s why we love leggings.

  1. Leggings are cheap!
  2. They are highly versatile (can be worn under skirts or dresses or with jeans and trousers if its really cold!)
  3. Leggings provide an excellent (and warmer) alternative to tights
  4. They can be utilised as a component of the layered look that we posted on previously
  5. The most practical combination of is probably denim skirt/black leggings/Converse All Star. We have also seen some glamour looks with leggings and high-heels or cowboy boots – a pretty sexy look if you can pull it off.

We can’t recommend leggings highly enough. What do you wear with yours?

{October 20, 2008}   Shopping for Winter Coats

Time For a Winter Coat!

This was my mantra this weekend as we in Scotland were hit by a blast of extreme cold weather, nothing unusual in that you may think – however, it is a little earlier than i would normally purchase my cold weather jacket. I had been offered one as a Christmas present, therefore i had a decision to make – get last years out the wardrobe or get one now. Last years was dismissed as an option as soon as i saw the state of what emerged, a dusty old rag that looked well past its sell by date. Off to the High Street to see the winter coat ranges!

In general, there are alot of elegant winter coats on sale this season. I had a totally open mind as to what i was looking for, as long as it was warm and versatile i wasn’t too bothered with the style. Big buttons, belts, clips, patterned wool and big lapels are all common elements amongst this seasons coats. I think that i may have missed the initial delivery in alot of stores as i found that many of the popular sizes (12, 14) were out of stock. Anyway, i tried a few on and made my decision. In the time honoured Cheap Clothes Rule tradition, here’s the list of the coats i tried! Read the rest of this entry »

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