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{February 17, 2011}   Men’s clothes – new era?


Remember when decades used to have names? There were the roaring 20s, the thirsty 30s, the WW2 40s, the Sid Vicious 70s, and so on. Of course, it was largely a journalistic shorthand not for an entire decade or even the majority of one, but for some shortlived but salient part of the decade. I mean, just mention the 70s and people will laugh and talk about the decade that had no taste – flares, brown paisley patter curtains, stacked heels. But this is only a very small part of the story: sample a look-back and you’ll find that the very early 70s had more of a 60s influence, and that after 1976 the flares began to disappear, and by 1978 the kids were wearing drainpipes. So, by 70s what people really mean is 72 to about mid-75.

Same deal with the 80s. Say 80s and the response will be – shoulder pads, yuppies, 80s excess. Yeah that all went on but it went on at the same time as the third generation of punk, Red Wedge, strong mod and skinhead scenes on the housing estates, and later in the decade you had Acid House and the return of flares via a Manchester Arndale market stall.

And the 60s? Anything in fashion we associate with the 60s is always post- 1965.  Why?

Anyway, eventually we ran out of names for decades, or just stopped caring because after 1999 it would all be 00s and 10s and they don’t have much of a ring to them.

But fashion continues regardless. And mens clothes by the year 2000 were expected to be space age but no, we still wear jeans and trainers. The invention of the trainer is probably a bit like the invention of the wheel – they’ll last for millennia, in different colours shapes and forms, but they will go on and on and on.

Meanwhile there’s a trend towards dressing formally in style again, possibly the influence of the likes of David Beckham, Kanye West and others who gave up bling and swapped it for sartorial excellence. Just check out this vid of Tinie Tempah at the Brits. Genius threads…

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