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{January 14, 2011}   Working Chic – New Collection

Cool high street fashion news this week, with high street budget fashion retailer Peacocks launching an original office clothing collection called Working Chic.

Working Chic is a very clever name for this new range, as it says what the collection is all about – namely: style for work. And the price is as smart as the name. Less than £100 for the entire collection.

Yes, his new Working Chic collection, incredibly, offers a whole working week’s worth of office wear – and here’s the coolest bit – at a cost of less than £20 per day. (By my reckoning, for a 38 hour week, that’s… not a lot!)

The Working Chic range includes a black pencil skirt with fitted cardigan, black dress with white trim, and with a truly contemporary touch, skinny jeans for dress down Friday. And more!

More information on this collection over at the always well informed fashion website StyleClone, who describe this as a range where “Each piece oozes sophistication”. Looking very good indeed for the price then.

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