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{November 19, 2010}   Lowe Latest – Pearl’s Peacocks

A while back I mentioned the new Pearl Lowe range for Peacocks.

Well, finally it has arrived. This week it was released online and in the chain’s branches across the UK.

I was expecting there to be a little bit of noise about this in the press, but so far it looks like the range is making big noise – the fashion editors know a good thing when they see it, it seems. My theory as to why this range has done so well is that there are three factors

Pearl Lowe’s visionary design

Peacocks’ intelligent pricing of the range

And of course the Daisy Lowe factor. In getting her daughter to model the range, Pearl didn’t need to look far for getting the perfect girl for the job.

An example of the kind of media hits Peacocks is getting right now – in More magazine,  their cool denim shirt features as a High Street look alike of one of Cheryl Cole’s shirts in its denim feature – it’s on-trend stuff that’s very well done. The Pearl Lowe collection adds another dimension to this style phenomenon.

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