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{November 10, 2010}   Get the look, #1 in a series of clothes guides.

I’ve decided to start up a series of blog posts here called ‘Get The Look’ where I pick a television programme or film and try to assemble the look using the magic of the internets.

So without further rambling, I bring you, This Is England. This Shane Meadows film was big with the critics and the public – a great success story for the UK film industry. One of the film’s strong points was its brilliant attention to detail in the sets and in the characters’ clothing. The following guide is actually unisex – the girls and the boys more or less wear the same gear in this type of youth tribe.


DM’s – 8 or 10 gimlet version.


Military aviation style MA-1 jacket. Should be widely available from Army/Navy stores.


Tighter the better. Similar to today’s skinny jeans. Elasticated if possible for that extra tightness so the world can see your knobbly knees.


‘Grandad’ style collarless linen, cheesecloth or cotton shirt. Or, Fred Perry polo style shirt.

And that is how to look like a character from This Is England. Get a pair of braces as well, and maybe a tattoo on yer knuckles as well, for extra authenticity.


right boots, wrong jeans

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