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{November 1, 2010}   How to Cheap Clothes yourself up!

There are plenty of places to get cheap clothes these days. Because of the rising cost of resources they’re not quite as cheap as they were 4 years ago when supermarkets were offering a 99p t-shirt, but generally there is still a lot of value fashion out there. It makes a lot of sense because in a recession nobody wants to pay over the odds for stuff, especially when there’s often so little difference in the build quality between the price points.

One good way to get cheap clothes is auction sites – be prepared to spend a lot of time on it though – you won’t intantly find what you want, and you may get outbid. Keep it cheap only bidding low though!

Another good way to get a bargain is to go to one of the places that sells discounted clothes. Places like this can turn up the odd bargain, but be warned, you’ll have to really search for it.

Charity shops can be good if you’re looking for vintage style stuff but obviously they won’t have the latest styles.

The best place to get cheap clothes, I think, is at a value fashion chain. This is a recent phenomenon whereby the very latest styles go on sale to a range that is constantly updated. This type of shop never existed before 9to my knowledge) and is a new way of looking at fashion – making the on-trend the thing, and often leading the way.

One final way to get cheap clothes would of course be to make them yourself. I think that with a few years’ practise I might be able to sew a button on to a shirt, but that’s about as far as I’d get.

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