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{October 20, 2010}   On-trend, and what it means.

The phrase ‘on-trend’ never used to exist. Or if it did, I never heard it.

But it’s a good phrase when you think about it – ‘trendy’ sounds too trendy. Makes it sound like those interested in the trend are mere followers, probably of the baa-ing variety. The other thing about ‘trendy’ means that everything else is untrendy:

Phrase: Bobble hats are trendy.
Reaction: Sounds great, I think i’ll stick with my dunce cap.

Phrase: Bobble hats are on-trend.
Reaction: Interesting. I think I’ll buy one.

The difference is that on-trend merely means that a garment, look or style is trending. It’s not saying that you have to join the trend, just that it’s there if you want to join in.

The more I think about it, the more I like this way of looking at the world of fashion – it’s so much more easy going than at times in the past when there was a kind of fashion fascism, and that which was trendy was the only way, and those who didn’t follow were to be ostracized. Not great.

On-trend is also a good phrase in that the fashion world has become more like the stock exhange. In other words: more volatile. Fashionistas of yesteryear could quite probably predict fashions for up to twelve months ahead. Not no more. The multiple ways people communicate now, coupled with incredibly sophisticated processes from manufacture to marketing have given rise to a world where fashion moves faster than we’d ever have guessed it would.

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