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{October 5, 2010}   Laced Up Boots & Corduroys

Have you been watching This is England ’86? For me, the fun’s not so much in the storyline as in the accuracy of Shane Meadows’ recreation of the era in terms of the way people dress and the way the streets look, etc.

One thing that I think is really smart about the show is shows a time in youth culture where the boundaries had started to blur. The skinhead kids we are shown in the original film are very much of a tribe of the time. But by 86 only a hrdcore of that type of skinhead remained – some had grown their hair in the meantime and got into the stadium rock like U2, Simple Minds and Big Country. Some probably morphed into indie-scene types. Let’s not forget that by ’86 you had house music starting to be very big in the UK as well. So anyone still rocking the skinhead uniform was pretty hardcore.

I’ll tell you how highly I rate This Is England ’86 – I rate it as highly as Mike Leigh’s Meantime. And that’s saying a lot.

Hopefully this series will kickstart a revival – get your braces and your DMs ready….

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