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{August 24, 2010}   Fashion vibe – Autumn ahead…

Let’s face it folks – the summer is like so over. The mercury’s dropped, the sky is grey and those blissful bleached-out soft focus days of summer are just a memory, albeit a happy one.

For many of us, however, autumn beats summer. For one thing, it’s a chance to wear more clothes. So it’s time to fire up the laptop and see what’s available in online clothes stores, or maybe brave the rain and wind and go see what’s on the racks in the shops.

What’s going to be big?

Autumn colours – unsurprisingly: brown is the new brown, in quite a few shades from mustardy to kind of leafy browns.

Stylewise for the blokes coats are big with military patch pockets – don’t be afraid to try out a military greatcoat from a second hand shop. We’re talking bombastic style, looking like an extra from 1949 film The Third Man. For the girls it’s similarly classic looks this autumn, with stuff that’s got an almost 1950s JD Salinger vibe about it, as well as the above-mentioned military look that’s going massive.

But this is the decade of individualism, so if you don’t agree with what the fashion pundits are predicting, you can go off and blaze your own trail.

reenvera says:

wow!!! just wow!
i love this, the color and the buttons…it looks simple yet stylish.
this one caught my attention because it matches best with almost anything – skirt, jeans, shorts…name it! =)

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