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{July 27, 2010}   Computer World

Computers have done a lot for fashion. Kids who live in rural areas no longer have to wear dungarees and straw hats because they now have the info and the retail opportunities online.  Hey, hey – I was kidding about the dungarees and straw hats. I’m from a rural area myself, and stylish with it.

But like I say, the computer is a game-changer. So today I thought I’d StyleProfile™ some computer geezers. Look away now, fashionistas:

Woz – Apple creator. Hard Rock cafe t-shirts are only acceptable clothing for gangs of European teenagers in green anoraks and faded jeans as they climb the lions in Trafalgar Square. The watch is ok, if a bit Steve Austin (the Six Million Dollar Man). All in all, Wox is a fashion fail. Sorry Woz!  [3/10]

The Vladimir lenin beard *could* be stylish if it was worn with a bit of confident retro irony and a more utilitarian suit. The glasses have a bit of physics lab cool to them but the garb is just too BHS circa 1980. [An almost respectable 4.5/10]

Bill Gates – not exactly Bryan Ferry style, is it? [sorry Bill. 2/10]

Black cotton turtleneck? Check. Stonewash Levis? Check. White running shoes? Check. Fail? check. [1/10]

If anyone knows any megastars of the computer world who wear cool clothes let us know.

statement writing says:

Great job, I find you blog funny. I honestly don’t know anyone who is a leader in the computer world who wears clothes like a runway model. That’s probably because well-known computer nerds do not really need to market themselves anymore because they are already established names in the industry. And it’s not like people are going to criticize their clothes. It’s more of a dictum of “hey, look at my product”, not “hey, look at me”.

Yeah, who would imagine this people, will be the greatest men today. Or maybe they don’t have time to be trendy in their clothing. Well, they might say: Who cares, I created those that makes you famous.

what statement writing says is true, well-known computer nerds do not really need to market themselves anymore because they are already established names in the industry.

When you see famous person like them you will not focus on what they’re wearing. You will just admire them because of whom they are and what they done.

Muffins says:

Gotta love Woz! He is such an uber nerd, so I guess he gets away with it.

I always admire famous people if they have achieved something with their life!!

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