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{June 24, 2010}   The jeans scene

Something that’s impossible to escape our eye here at the blog is the emerging non-trend in jeans. I mean, when we were kids the rules of acceptability were strict: only one cut or colour was deemed acceptable by the Fashion-Polizei at any one time.

How far we’ve come since then! Just a quick perusal of this celeb jeans blog and you can see instantly that there be many styles all on the go at once these days. This is a good thing, since it makes jeans more versatile and wearable in different social contexts. All denim life is out there, and for the time being it seems that it’s all fashion-friendly. Most of it is anyway. Sno-wash anyone? thought not! Check out the Jeans Blog for more on the ubiquitous fabric that we call denim, and its myriad uses!

So, what is your fave of the current styles? We’re loving the skinny jean style, it’s been too cool for school since day 1, and long may it continue – these are jeans with attitude, and they’re going to be around for a good while yet.  Check out what’s available from the high street or a jeans online shop and see what style you like best, and let us know!

It’s interesting how international denim has become. What may be fashionable in one country, or market, may not travel well. Then again, a new design or technique may break out even to places where nothing else penetrates the market. Think what a movie like AVATAR means to global fashion trends.

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