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{June 17, 2010}   Shoe-perior

We don’t know if it’s the mid-season thing or what, but there are a lot of shoe sales on right now. We likey! Hint: just type into Google the word ‘shoes’ and you will be magically presented with a list, courtesy of everyone’s favourite search engine. (Other search engines are available!).

This summer it’s all about individuality. The range of shoes is varied and whole pretty stylish. the ‘low heel’ prediction seems to be holding true for the time being, while also being fairly sparkly/ glam. But don’t despair if that’s not your bag – the whole individuality trend means that you can pretty much doowutchalike. Except for wearing wellies in town. Having said that, we did spot one very chic lady walking down Kensington High Street last week… in wellies. She must just have been ahead of the curve [note to self: see if trend emerges come early Autumn!]

Some very interesting shoe advice on The Pink Filly’s blog – or more accurately, advice on why not to feel guilty about buying too many  pairs of shoes. Advice that many will take inspiration from!

Anyway, now that the sun is shining and (most of us) aren’t cutting around town in welligtons, it’s time to combine some glam with some cool comfort. we’re looking for inspiration here, people – please send us your thoughts, comments and stories on this burning topic, and hopefully we can pinpoint the best buys, the best outlets and even if they’re out of our price-range, the best designs.

2010 the summer of shoe love

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