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{February 12, 2010}   Valentines Alert! Five Very Nice Womens Bags
Its Valentines Day on Sunday and we hope that many of the men out there have their gift options covered – however, if youre looking for some last minute inspiration for a gif t, then you cant really go wrong with a nice bag.
There are a vast range of women’s bags out there. One of the most difficult aspects of Christmas shopping is actually making that final purchasing decision, we’ve all been there with the doubt swirling around our minds: ‘i like it, but will she like that colour!?.
We thought that we would try and help a little by outlining five bags which we think anyone would love. We’ve included options from the cheap and cheerful end of the scale to some slightly higher budget bags. We hope that you agree with some of our choices.
Peacocks – The prices are so decent on the Peacocks website that you could probably buy 2 or 3 bags from Peacocks. However, we especially like their chic and cheerful range of Clutch Bags, which at £6 are great value.

M&SMarks and Spencer always have a solid range of bags and this year is no exception, they are well made and excellent value for money – we like this cross shoulder bag which comes in a t £39.95.

AllSaints – Fashionistas love AllSaints for their edgy designs and high quality fabrics, their bags this year exemplify this output. This Zeena Bag is one of the cheaper options (£120) that they offer but it is still very cool.

Jigsaw – A High Street favourite in the UK for a number of years now, Jigsaw retain an aura of quality and elegance, combined with a great design sense – this Tote Bag is a great example (£159)

Hermes – No we are getting serious. You know that you are dealing with a quailty bit of gear when the cheapest bag on offer is a purse that costs over £500! A bag from Hermes however should be seen as an investment – our cost-is-no-barrier option would be this Garden Party Bag, which only costs £1560.

Well, thats our choices – hopefully something nice for your Valentine there!

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