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{January 8, 2010}   Clothes Sale Time Again – What Did You Get!?

In reality the January clothes sales start on about the 15th of December these days, but anyway we only just plucked up the courage to hit the streets yesterday to find out what was happening in bargain land. We have to say that the whole experience was not pleasant – as always seems to be the case with sales the good stuff is either:

  • Gone by the time you get to it
  • Your size is inevitably the most popular and hence – sold out
  • Whats left is so unpleasant you wouldn’t even spend a few quid on it

So, in short we bought nothing, and instead ventured online where there are still some real bargains to be had. Here are some great clothes sales that hopefully won’t leave you with the same lingering feelings of disappointment that we experienced yesterday.


End Clothing Sale

Size Online Footwear Sale

Triads Sale

High Street

Peacocks Sale



John Lewis

What did you get in the sales? (either offline or online) – give us a shout with your findings!

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