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{November 5, 2009}   Pearl Lowe Dresess Online at Peacocks

Just a quick heads up folks…………..

Ex-Indie queen Pearl Lowe has designed a very cool range of dresses for clothes retailer Peacocks (modelled by her daughter Daisy). They have been on the website for a couple of days and are selling fast.

Therefore, we would advise a speedy purchase, as this range won’t last long!

Pearl Lowe

UPDATE 12/01/10

As we mentioned in the original post, these dresses have sold out quickly. However, if there is anyone looking for a cool size 16 dress then there is still some in stock on the Peacocks website in their winter clothing sale – for the incredible bargain price of a Fiver!

If you missed out then don’t fret – Peacocks has announced that Pearl Lowe will be designing another range of dresses for them for release in Spring/Summer 2010, great news – we can’t wait to see them!

……..ANOTHER UPDATE 19/01/10

There are no Pearl Lowe dresses left in stock now! Not long till Spring 2010 – patience required!


The Spring Summer 2010 range is due to launch on May the 13th, see some of the new dresses here – they look great!

Great blog!!good stuff!!keep up the good work:-)

Michelle says:

Hi do you have any idea when the new collection by pearl lowe for peacocks launches? I had read a little bit about what the new collection contains It sounds lovely. The last collection was really nice I managed to get one of the red lace dresses but the sizes were tiny my size 10 is much more of an 8. I love pearl so this peacocks collaboration is perfect for me x

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