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{April 23, 2009}   Five Fashion Links of Q1 2009

Well, that’s almost one-quarter of 2009 down already – how quick was that? – i haven’t even managed to get round to spending my Christmas gift vouchers yet! Anyway, i don’t know about you, but i feel that its been quite a tame start to the year in fashion terms, with very little standout stories, events or styles.

That said, there have been a few standout moments so far in quarter one of 2009 – here are our five favourites…..

  1. Susan Boyle takes over the world! – being proud Scots ourselves the rapid ascent of Susan Boyle has been quite something to behold. A mere two weeks on we already have: A YouTube video with over 40m hits!,  Susan Boyle T-Shirts and Hats and mass debate all over the place as to whether she needs a makeover – our opinion: be who you always have been Susan – let your voice speak for you!
  2. 10 floral dresses for the summer – Lovely list from Popsugar with some classic summer dresses, not long to go now!
  3. Tribeca: Vanity Fair Best Dressed – post from thefashioncult which is pretty cool due to a) its analysis of Vanity Fair and b) some of the clothes look amazing
  4. Showcase of Beautiful Fashion Websites – Great post from the always excellent Smashing magazine, some of the sites listed are truly stunning – our favourites include the Benetton site, Issey Miyake, Louis Vuitton and Paul Smith.
  5. 50 most stylish men – GQ have compiled an excellent list here, which ranges from Marlon Brando to Andre 3000. Inspiration for the men out there and eye-candy for the ladies!

There we go – that’s our top five ‘things’ of this year so far – what has caught your eye?

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