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{March 31, 2009}   Women’s Trousers making style comeback

In the past we have been known to bleat on about dresses, jeans, maternity clothes, designer clothes, sportswear and on and on – however, one item that we seem to have ignored is women’s trousers. Ive been relaibly informed by my fashionista friends, who have their fingers much closer to the fashion pulse than i, that High-Waisted and Harem Trousers are one of the most popular emerging styles on the High Street these days. This is quite a sea change, as not so long ago if anyone sugessted resurrecting these styles they would be laughed out of town. Im stil not convinced that they have the staying power to see off a decent pair of jeans or a smart skirt……….

Therefore, now seems as good a time as any to conduct a poll into your thoughts regarding trousers.

Let us know where the best examples on the highstreet can be found!

Marie Tellar says:

I found this article on recycling and re-using clothes for fashion helps women to save money and be green.

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