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{February 12, 2009}   Lily Allen Conquers High Street Fashion/Universe

Unless you’ve been on an expedition to the moon over the last couple of weeks, you can’t have failed to notice that quirky London lass Lily Allen has a new album out this week, ‘It’s Not Me It’s You’ – having only heard the single ‘The Fear‘ it seems like more of the same, Cockney-accented melodic pop – which isn’t necesarily a bad thing.

New album from London Lily

New album from London Lily

Not only is wee Lily conquering the world of music, her unique fashion sensibility seems to be the primary influence on many of the ranges of some of the top high street stores this spring. Let’s have a look at some Lily-isms………..

Vitually all of the Ladies Dresses at Peacocks are Lily-Style…..the pink ruffle bow is pretty similar to the one on the album cover.

Pink Bow Dress at Peacocks

Pink Bow Dress at Peacocks

Ideally, combine said dress with a pair of white trainers, something like these……..

Converse Layer Ups - Office

Converse Layer Ups - Office

A slightly bizarre item of headwear is also an essential Lily-ism, take your pick……



Lily often sports a de-stressed leather jacket of some description……and as for acessories – anything at all that you can rustle up will do.

Combine all these and you can become fully Lily-fied, good luck and let us know of any interesting combos that you manage to create.

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