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{February 6, 2009}   Lingerie for Valentines Day?
Valentines Day - Are you up for it?

Valentines Day - Are you up for it?

Ok, im going to get this out of the way right at the start – im not a big fan of Valentines Day. For me, it is a second grade celebration day (like mothers/fathers/grannys dog day) created primarily to service the needs of the greetings card industry. Its probably not the best idea to use this as an excuse for why you didnt buy the other half anything this year.

So, having said all that – ive been noticing that many of our top retailers have been pushing Lingerie as the Valentines gift of choice this year. For the men out there, its a difficult one – yes, you say, we are big fans of Lingerie – but the actual physical act of purchasing Lingerie is pretty traumatic, is this too sexy? will it fit? is bright red silk really her style?. Women are mainly thinking – Why did he buy me Lingerie?, last year i got a soap and pot pourii set – Is my ordinary underwear not up to it? and I dont even like red!

For once, there are no advice on what to buy here, far too dangerous!. Have a romantic day anyway.

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