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{January 15, 2009}   Anticipating 2009 Fashion Trends

Looking into the crystal ball where fashion is concerned is always a dangerous game. Realisitically, not even the great soothsayer Russell Grant himself could have predicted that in 5 short years: a) Skinny Jeans would make a major comeback to become one of the best selling jean styles on the UK high street and: b) UGG Boots would be considered the apex of stylish footwear by a vast majority of the general public. Crazy happenings.

Anyway, we thought that as we are a fashion blog (and everyone else seems to be doing it) we thought that we’d throw our hat in the ring as to what you might be seeing on the UK streets in 2009. Check back on this post in a years time for extra humour value.

Boyfriend Jeans – All the celebs have been trooping around in these recently and they are set to make a big impact in the UK high street in 2009.

Boyfriend-approved denim

Boyfriend-approved denim

Dont count out ripped jeans revival – yep, believe it or not torn denims are going to be back this year. Quite fitting on the 15th anniversary of grunge poster-boy Kurt Cobains death.

Ripped Jeans return to the catwalk

Ripped Jeans return to the catwalk

Plaid/Tartan – Continuing with 2009 grunge revival theme, plaid and tartan have already begun to filter onto the shelves in late 2008, and looks set to be big in 2009.

Plaid by MuzikGirl

Fashion Hoodies – Watch out hoodies about! – Daily Mail readers everywhere will be quaking in their boots with the news that the hoody is due to make a massive comeback. However, we aren’t just talking about ordinary sweatshirt-style hoodies – ultra-stylish versions of the hoody are going to be ubiqutous.

Indian influenced fashions – Ethnic-influenced fashion hasn’t been quite as prominent in the last couple of years, but early indications are that it is on its way back – particularly Indian styles, many of which are fairly awesome.

Indian style in 2009

Indian style in 2009

Modifications – well, we hate mentioning it, but the current economic downturn is surely going to influence on Fashion this year. People are going to be holding onto their existing wardrobe and modding it themselves – this should make for some interesting viewing on the high street.

Happy New Year to you all.

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