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{December 19, 2008}   New Year Party Style Guide

2009 is only a couple of weeks away and the new year party season is almost upon us. Contrary to almost all of my fellow countrymen here in Scotland, I have never been the biggest fan of Hogmany – Year on year I find it almost impossible to keep all my acquaintances happy – when the big night arrives you feel like you have to acknowledge everyone of any importance at all in your life, although invariably someone always misses out. Very frustrating.

There’s also something about the forced jollility of it all that really irks (have these people never been out the house before?, sometimes we wonder) – complete strangers thinking its alright to grab you anywhere or kiss you full on without warning, massive queues in the pubs, vast entrance fees to the nightclubs, the list goes on ………

Fashion-wise however, new year is a lot more enjoyable than Christmas, mainly because the boxing day sales offer a great opportunity to grab a brand-spanking new party outfit at a bargain price.

Lets have a look at some outfit ideas for the three main types of new year party.

The House Party – These are probably the most common type of parties that you will be attending (im going to a house party this year). We would keep it simple in the house party scenario, the golden rule is never to appear over-dressed, there will always be someone in a suit – they will stand out like a sore thumb and no-one will talk to them. Go with a shirt or t-shirt, a relaxed fit pair of jeans and a pair of trainers for boogie-ing.

The Dance – This is a slightly more difficult to judge style arena. If you are going to a Ceilidh dance, where you will be on the dance floor for about 80% of the night, something light and airy would be the choice, like a long dress. If your are attending a more formal dinner dance a more slinky dress is probably the way to go, possibly with a scarf or pachmina, you will be sitting down more in these type of dances.

The Formal – Formal new year celebrations make us shudder somewhat –  however, obviously it makes things easier stylistically – black tie is pretty difficult to get wrong for men and a simple but elegant dress for women is the way to go.

We hoped you enjoyed our advice on the new year party style. Let me know what outfits you are planning to wear this year. Hope you have a great time whatever you get up to – imp going to try my best this year not to be the party pooper!

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