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{December 12, 2008}   Woolworths rapid decline

Theres no getting round it, these are sad days for the UK High Street. The demise of Woolworths has been so spectacularly quick that we can hardly believe its actually happening. Although Woolies didn’t go into the cheap clothes market quite as heavily as their competitors (one mistake to add to the list possibly?), it was still a good stand-by if you needed a pair of socks in an emergency.

Like many of us in the UK, i harbour fond memories of Woolworths, for a few glorious childhood years it was a weekend highlight to get treated to a new toy or board game. There has obviously been some disastrous managment decisions, but regardless of all that  – passing the local store on the bus this morning with its empty shelves and disconsolate looking staff was actually quite poignant.

Contrary to this rather downbeat note, is it just us or does the High Street seem busier than ever this year? During our Christmas shopping shopping trips over the last couple of weekends there is scant evidence of the credit crunch. There are queues in almost every store and people seem to be buying in bulk. Where exactly are they getting the money from?

Kay says:

I think people shopped very differently this year – the trends show that nearly all the supermarket chains made a profit, and that wasn’t just on food, on clothing too, and the online retailers of clothing did well. Places that have been overpriced and offered 70% sales seem to have made a really bad mistake – they just convinced their former customers that they’d been ripping them off all along but on the other hand, places that always sold good, reasonably-priced clothing have coped fine.

As far as I can see, most people are thinking twice, but still spending their money when they know they are getting value for money!

Wardrobe woes? Worry not!

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