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{November 27, 2008}   Emerging Designers Set To Influence 2009 High Street

Although we are massive fans of the high street, we like to keep an eye on the high-end designer market as well. Although these fashions are likely to be slightly out of reach of normal people such as ourselves, it is invariably the case that these latest styles are eventually cloned and adapted for the high street marketplace. Its likely that we will be wearing variants of the clothes that these designers create for the next couple of years. Here are some emerging talents that we think will have a significant influence in 2009 fashion.

Jamie Bruski Tetsill – From a textile design background, Tetsill has been making waves over the last couple of years, starting with an stunning graduate collection from St Martins College, followed by ranges from 2007-2008 onwards. Tetsill has a back-to-basics approach to his craft, his trademarks are highly contrasting and vivid 80s-influenced colours, classic textures, chunky gold zips and innovative juxtaposition of materials. The great thing about Jamie Bruski Tetsill clothes is that (unlike alot of high-end) they are cutting-edge without being preposterous, you could easily wear one of his dresses to the office christmas party. Watch out for the Tetsill-Effect throughout 2009.

Bright Colours & Contrasting Fabrics - Jamie Bruski Tetsill

Bright Colours & Contrasting Fabrics - Jamie Bruski Tetsill

Kesh – The 80s influenced neon-tracksuits and exaggerated gold-jewellery of Kesh have already lured the great and the good of the celeb circuit (Mariah Carey, MIA, Mark Ronson, Lupe Fiasco and Lily Allen). Keshwear is a crazy-sounding mix of caribbean and british culture – we have a feeling that this look is going to explode onto the high street next year. Kesh Myspace.

Brash and Bright for 2009 - Keshwear

Brash and Bright for 2009 - Keshwear

Gavin Douglas – Birmingham designer Douglas has been steadily growing in stature since winning the prestigious 2006 Fashion Fringe award – he crafts each garment individually, with an incredible attention to detail. Metallic-Fabrics contrast with Autumnal Colours to spectacular effect. His influence will undouably be felt throughout 2009.

Luella Bartley – Winner of the 2008 Designer of the year award at the British Fashion Awards, Luella has already infiltrated the UK High Street with collections for New Look. There is no doubt that her influence is set to permeate throught next year.

Is there anyone that you feel will be big in 2009?

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