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{November 14, 2008}   Ladies Clothing – Wear What You Want

I don’t know about you but ive always found the BBCs What Not To Wear series to be rather patronising. Not a particularly original observation you may think – i apologise for that. It seems to me that whovever happens to be the victim of a style makeover always seem to end up wearing the same, rather dull and generic ‘Ladies Catalogue Model’ style clothing. This always appears to engender a palpable air of disappointment. We are willing to bet that after a week or two of trying to stick to this forced-styling – participants revert back to wearing jogging bottoms and hoodies.

My attitude towards clothing is and always will be this -: Express Yourself and Wear What You Want :- infact, come to think of it a TV show based around that title could make for a far more interesting televisual experience that WNTW.

However, having said all that, the WNTW website does offer a rather funky ladies clothes style barometer on the website that you can try. Do you know what not to wear…?

Kay says:

Couldn’t agree more. And there seems to be something a bit class-based about it to me. It’s always women whose clothing the presenters call ‘vulgar’ or ‘common’ or ‘slapperish’ when what it really is, when you come down to it, is bright and vibrant clothing. They try to turn all the women on the show into beige and pastel wearing classic clothing addicts. What’s wrong with a bit of leopard print or a red T-shirt if you makes you happy and confident?

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