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{October 20, 2008}   Shopping for Winter Coats

Time For a Winter Coat!

This was my mantra this weekend as we in Scotland were hit by a blast of extreme cold weather, nothing unusual in that you may think – however, it is a little earlier than i would normally purchase my cold weather jacket. I had been offered one as a Christmas present, therefore i had a decision to make – get last years out the wardrobe or get one now. Last years was dismissed as an option as soon as i saw the state of what emerged, a dusty old rag that looked well past its sell by date. Off to the High Street to see the winter coat ranges!

In general, there are alot of elegant winter coats on sale this season. I had a totally open mind as to what i was looking for, as long as it was warm and versatile i wasn’t too bothered with the style. Big buttons, belts, clips, patterned wool and big lapels are all common elements amongst this seasons coats. I think that i may have missed the initial delivery in alot of stores as i found that many of the popular sizes (12, 14) were out of stock. Anyway, i tried a few on and made my decision. In the time honoured Cheap Clothes Rule tradition, here’s the list of the coats i tried!

Top Shop – Check funnel coat. This was the first coat i tried. I liked the understated checked pattern and the simple but elegant style. Unfortunately, they only had a 16 in stock and it was just too big for me. Oh well, next!

Peacocks – Tartan Coat. As i always do i popped into Peacocks and had a look. Being a native Scot, i was drawn to the pretty striking range of tartan coats. Although, i liked the fit and the look of the jacket on – i thought that i would think on it and keep looking – maybe go back!

Tartan Coat from Peacocks

Tartan Coat from Peacocks

Jane Norman – I loved the look of this coat, the scarf over the collar was a great feature. Sadly, neither the 14 or 16 sat correctly – on the 14 the sleeves were too long and the 16 was sticking out too much at the back. Shame.

John Rocha – Loved the colour and fit of this jacket (i love moleskin!) – however, i had some doubts whether it could withstand the harsh scottish winter.

And the winner was! – Dorothy Perkins – This seemed like the best option overall. An elegant cut that can be worn on any occasion, and i loved the belt holder. I went for the Chocolate colour although there are black and maroon versions available.

Dorothy Perkins - My Choice for Winter Coat!

Dorothy Perkins - My Choice for Winter Coat!

Anyway, that was my shopping excitement this weekend – please let us know what winter coats you are going for this year.

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