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{September 18, 2008}   Layering Up this Autumn

Layering is once again the look of the Autumn here in the UK: Jackets, Leggings, Boots, Knee-Length Skirts, Scarfs, Wooly Hats, Jumpers, T-Shirts, Chunky Socks and anything else that you can get your hands on are all essential elements of the layered style. Layering is so popular as it is extremely versatile and can be adapted to a number of different weather conditions and social occaisions. As there are so many options with cheap clothing nowadays, it is great fun to experiment with different clothes and put together a look, there are a few things to bear in mind however:

  • Try not to overdo it! We have seen many examples of over-layering on the streets – with some wearing so much clothing and accessories we have no idea !
  • Don’t try and match unrelated patterns or colour combinations – the ideal colours this winter are block-colour earth-tones (Yellows, greens, reds and browns). Patterned long sleeve tops also look great, light stripes or checks are ideal.
  • Layer according to your body type – if you are slim then feel free to layer utilising light fabrics – wider body types shouldn’t be so liberal with layers – one or two should be ideal.

Here are some examples of good layering from the fashion world:

Layering from the Catwalk

Layering from the Catwalk

Good Layering from Romanian Fashion Week

Good Layering from Romanian Fashion Week

Have you seen any interesting layered looks recenty?, and what celebrities have got this look right?, don’t hesitate to inform us!…………..

[…] can be utilised as a component of the layered look that we posted on […]

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