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{September 8, 2008}   Six Styles of Jeans


Further to our post on our favourite brands of Jeans from the likes of Levi’s, Evisu and Peacocks – we thought that it would be interesting to look at the various styles of jeans that are available now. Obviously each style has a different cut, more suited to particular body types and social situations. Here are some of the most popular jean styles that can be found in most high street stores or online.

Boot-cut Jeans – This is a very versatile jean – excellent for both formal and informal situations. A change of footwear can alter the entire impression of bootcut jeans. Boot cut jeans are suitable for most body types.

Boot Cut Style Jeans

Boot Cut Jeans - Versatile

Skinny Jeans – Slightly different from Bootcut in that these are more suited to slimmer bodies, the Skinny Jean has grown hugely in popularity over the last few years – every self respecting Indie/Emo kid should have a pair by now. Look great with a T-Shirt and Trainers or Pointy Shoes and a Suit Jacket if youre trying to look like Kings of Leon.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny Jeans - -Booming popularity

Flared Jeans – The popularity of Flared Jeans exploded massively amongst boys of a certain age at the end of the eighties thanks to Madchester, and they have now become a fashion staple for both sexes. Suitable for all body types, flared jeans are sligtly wider in the leg than Bootcut. Flared are best worn with loose fitting tops and flat soled shoes or trainers – less formal than bootcut is the thinking here.

Flared Jeans - Ever Popular

Flared Jeans - Ever Popular

Cropped Jeans – Three-Quarter length jeans, suitable for most bodies – ideal for wearing when in informal sitautions i.e. walking round the shops or the beach.

Cropped Jeans - relaxed

Cropped Jeans - relaxed

Straight Leg – Athletic body types look the best in Straight Leg Jeans – we’ve always preffered a darker wash of denim in our Straight Legs, seems to help achieve a more flattering look.

Straight Leg Jeans - Athletic

Straight Leg Jeans - Athletic

Low-Rise Jeans – Low-rise a cut very low at the waist. Very trendy jeans, however a bit of realism is required here. If you’ve not been at the gym for the last year working on your abs, proceed with caution-theres actually a style called Ultra-Low-Rise as well!

Low Rise Jeans - Caution

Low Rise Jeans - Caution

What are your favourite styles of jeans? – and where do you get them?, dont hesitate to let us know……..

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