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{August 15, 2008}   Label Junkies

Lets get this clear from the start. None of us here at Cheap Clothes Rule are obsessed with labels. We will always love our Topshop, Matalan, Primark and Peacocks. However, there are certain designers that consistently produce clothes that we just can’t resist, at prices that we can handle. Here are a few of our favourite labels – both past and present.

* Duffer of St George – Duffer are still going strong after all these years. Initially pretty hard to track down in Glasgow, Duffer now have a sub-brand ‘St George by Duffer’ sold in Debenhams which is great quality. There are also great Duffer bargains to be had in TK Maxx from time to time, but keep that one quiet.

The Duffer store in London

The Duffer store in London

* One True Saxon – North of England based label, they produce classic UK Casualwear.

* Chipie – The label of choice for the baggy generation (Stone Roses, Happy Mondays etc) – Chipie had a store in The Italian Centre in Glasgow from about 1989-92 – right in the middle of my formative teenage years. A trip to Chipie always guaranteed something cool, from baggy jeans to bubble jackets. Often worn with Travel Fox, British Knights and Troop, the Chipie store always had legendary sales with huge bargains to be had – i miss them, although they are into childrens clothes these days.

Chipie Evangelists - The Stone Roses

* Zoltar The Magnificent – Yes Zoltar was the Fortune Telller machine in ‘Big’. Pretty exclusive label with no online shop – they have a store in London.

* Nike SB – Nike’s Skateboarding division – there has been alot of debate recently as to whether the SB label is what it used to be. To us, they are still producing some great shoes, and their classics are some of the best sneakers ever.

Nike SB Collection

Nike SB Collection

* Maharishi – Famed for their Snopants and worn by everyone from Brad Pitt and Liam Gallagher to GZA, Hardy Blechman’s army influenced clothing has been a firm favourite for many years.

Maharishi Embroidered Snopants

Maharishi Embroidered Snopants

* Fake London Genius – ‘Glam Punk’ is an ugly phrase but it is probably a quite accurate description of Fake London clothing.

* Paul Smith – Classic designer clothes label.

* Stussy – A big favourite of Skaters everywhere, Stussy are a classic streetwear label. In our experience, Stussy clothes are virtually indestructible.

Streetwear Classic - Stussy

Streetwear Classic - Stussy

What are your labels of choice?

ah, if only i could afford all those massive designer labels! now that i think of it, i don’t really have any particular labels of choice that i get a majority of my clothes from! mine are a mish mash of some designer & cheap stuff! =)

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