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{July 17, 2008}   Cheap Golf Chic

The 137th British Open Golf Championship Tee’d off this morning at Royal Birkdale in England. Having only played Golf a handful of times with the predominant feelings on each occassion being a mixture of frustration and bafflement, it is diifficult to get any enthusiasm to watch – however our dad will be glued to the screen, examining every stroke in minute detail in a desperate attempt to improve his handicap.

Here at Cheap Clothes Rule of course we are far more interested in the sartorial side of things and we will be keeping a close watch the fashion do’s and dont’s of each player. Many of the pro golfers have their own clothing line including Ian Poulter, Greg Norman and Annika Sorenstam.

Essential Elements

Golf Chic has become a style in itself and can be a great fun look to try and pull off. It can be done on a budget as well. Here are some of the essential elements Golf fashion:

  • Visor or Bobble Hat – We love watching the end of of a tournament when Tiger Woods wins as his mother always sports a spectacular Visor, the closer you can get to this the better. A bobble hat should be slightly easier to find.

Great Visor!

  • Knitted Sweater Preferably loud colour with pattern-look to this 80s catalogue shot for inspiration!

  • Polo Shirt – Keep it simple, like Michelle Wie.

  • Trousers – the more like Rupert Bear the better.

  • Shoes – Two-Tone, Brogue Style essential.

If you can bring these elements together, you can have a versatile outfit for any occassion – even if you never set foot on a course!. Anyone found anything that could be included here?

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