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{July 10, 2008}   Celebrity cheap clothing lines

For many years celebrities have been sporting cheap clothes. However, the trend now is for celebrities to have their own discount clothing lines. Infact, if you don’t have your own line now all the other celebrities point at you and laugh. Here’s just a few who have lines of their own :

Jessica Alba, Jessica Simpson, Milla Jovovich, Paula Abdul, JLo, Pamela Anderson, Liz Hurley, Elle McPherson, Kate Moss, KanYe West, Eminem, Mariah Carey, P Diddy, 50 Cent, Beyonce, Madonna, Victoria Beckham, Bono, Jay-Z, Kylie, Matthew McConaughey (Wooderson! what happened?) Pete Doherty! – the list is endless.

The real questions are :

  • Are these clothes any good and does anyone actually buy them?
  • Would you buy clothes just because they were ‘designed’ by a celeb?
  • Are there any potential celebs out there who should have their own lines but don’t?
  • Where will it all end? – entire movies where the star only appears if everyone wears their label?

Our minds boggle ……..

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