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{July 9, 2008}   Summer 2008 UK Fashion Trends

This is not a scientific list by any means and is based purely on our powers of observation. Here are a few trends that we have noticed this summer ;

  • Cheap Plastic Sunglasses – available from newsagents up and down the land-spend more than £3 however and you’re instantly uncool.

  • Sandals – although our summer has been pretty dreadful so far-its still great to get the old socks off and free the feet a little.

  • Pastel Colours – pastel literally faded away for a few years but its back with a bang this summer and about time.


  • Floral Print Dresses – a classic summer feminine look.

  • Bright and Bold Coloured Tops – PINK! PURPLE! ORANGE! – These tops shout loud and proud.

Of course, there are tonnes more niches and sub-genres but walk down any street in the UK and you are bound to catch someone in at least one of these items. What have you seen out there this summer?

tokyito says:

Cheers for the link. Hope you have fun blogging

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cool blog, i agree with the vans and all stars, top shoes that i hope stay in fashion for a bit longer. do you not think we need to be a bit careful on the sunglasses though with UV and all that?

keep it up!

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